Our family of 5 are hoping you can help us to get a Companion dog that is so desperately wanted and needed to help our girls.


Our Family

Our Familys introduction with Autism started in 2010 when my eldest daughter Kate was diagnosed with Autism. Over the following years my other 2 girls were als diagnosed. It has been a long road with all 3 of my girls with years of weekly therapy including intensive speech, occupational Therapy and Social Skills programs.

We have come a long way from those first heart wrenching and difficult days.


We have now arrived at a place that therapy is unable to fix. Kate and Laura (our second child) are struggling with debilitating anxiety which makes their daily actives including going to school extremely difficult. We have seen their reaction to animals from an early age and we have seen what a therapy dog can do. I believe a companion dog would have a wonderful and positive influence on my special girls, one that would give them more freedom to act more independently and lower their anxiety levels to enjoy their day. The calming presence of a companion dog will provide a much needed buffer to their stress.


Dogs for Kids with Disabilities is giving us an opportunity to make an enormous change to our family by introducing a new fury friend to our extremely loving family. 


We have started fundraising to find our newest family member. Raising a Companion dog is extremely expensive and our efforts mean that new puppies will be able to be trained for the next family who so desperate needs them.

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